Prophetic Signs 

The Word of God tells us that God himself orders our steps. (Psalm 36:23) I believe that God has gone ahead of us and released angels on assignment to help us. When you are a prophetic person with a seer anointing you see in the spirit the many ways that the Lord is speaking. In … More Prophetic Signs 


I cannot thank God enough for the #Grace that He has poured into my life. He loved us all so much that He gave His only son Jesus. John 3:16 Each day there are things and situations in life that we go through and without God and His grace we would not have come this … More Grace

Mighty God 

He’s a Mighty God ooo! Everything about God is great! He is faithful! He is loving! He is Alpha and Omega. I cannot help but Praise His name! The blood of Jesus is all we need. It redeems. It covers. It protects. It has given us salvation and victory! Hallelujah. Worship with me the Mighty … More Mighty God