Kingdom Keys & Treasure Hunts:Destiny Release 

The Lord has been ministering to me this past week about how He has me on a divine treasure hunt to my destiny. God has given keys to me as I have found this treasure. The treasure may have come in the form of an object, a scripture, a prophetic word, an alignment, a vision or a dream. 
The treasure reveals keys that we need to walk through the doors, or even shut doors, that will lead us to the purpose and plans of God. 

One of my intercessors had a vision of me early last year wearing a robe/dress with jewels attached to it. This past Sunday I was ministering in Quebec and there was a lady giving a testimony and she was wearing a beautiful African dress with jewels on it. Immediately I remembered this vision my intercessor had and God told me that He has me on a treasure hunt. That this dress that day was a sign to me of being exactly where he wants me. 

During that same time another Intercessor I know sent me a text of a screen shot of my ministering last February 2016 on Periscope (@EstherGeneration) and oil manifested on my head as I prayed for people. Another sign or treasure from Daddy God to speak to me. 

What an amazing way to begin the New Year 2017. To know I was exactly where He wanted me. To God be the Glory. 

He recently reminded me of other treasures and keys that He has released to me and how now I am seeing the manifestation of these! It is truly humbling to see God at work and His plans being established. This is a year of establishment and visitation. 

My prayer is that we would have all of our senses (seer anointing) open to see and hear what the Lord is saying about our destiny. That we would receive each treasure and each key with a yes and open heart and spirit. May you receive your keys! May you receive your treasure! May you be established! May you be receive divine visitation! In the Mighty Name of Jesus! 

Revelation 1:18, Matthew 16:19, Luke 12:14, Matthew 13:44, 2 Corinthians 4:7


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